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Heading North into the Snow

Monday morning (President’s day) started by discovering that our water didn’t work in the trailer. It

Snowy Hills in Southern Oregon

had been cold enough overnight that the water had frozen in the pipe and hose supplying the trailer. Thankfully, no trailer plumbing was broken in the process. We started north on our return to Olympia and experienced snow showers interspersed with sunshine and blue skies. We found a nice municipal park in Myrtle Creek, OR with a few RV camp spots, and enjoyed another pre-dinner walk in the park along the Umpqua River. We were again concerned about freezing plumbing, so we left a tap dripping all night. However, the temperatures did not drop enough to freeze the nearby mud-puddles.

Our trip further north on Sunday ended in Salem, OR, where we had a Chinese lunch and looked at art in in the Bush Barn Art Center. While we considered going further to at least Portland or even home to Olympia, we were

Old Rte. 99 bridge across the Umpqua at Myrtle Creek

dissuaded about the winter storm warnings predicting 2-4” of snow and difficult driving conditions. We were not planning to return until Wednesday, so we decided to check into Salem RV park and took a nap, listening to the rain (not snow, so far) on our trailer rooftop.


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  1. Sayon

    Such a beautiful and nice travel experience, you really a great photography skill 😀

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